Sunday, March 19, 2006

King to castle

Tess suprised me on my birthday by taking me to stay at a castle. What made it even more suprising was that she hadn't been reading my more recent blog entries about my obsession with being a king or at the very least, a knight.

I had heard about Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, Washington and have been wanting to stay there even before I began my quest to become a king. For one it is supposed to be haunted and two, it was the set for the 2002 Stephen King mini-series, Red Rose (and don't think the irony of me staying at a castle Stephen King has used in a movie escapes me either).

This one was built between 1908 and 1911 by a wealthy Washington financier named Chester Thorne. Many of the materials used to build this 27,000 square foot mansion were canabilized parts from a 500-year old English mansion Thorned had shipped over at the turn of the century.

Although Thorne died in 1927, apparently he decided to stay on. The current owners, who operate the place as a bed and breakfast have apparently seen him and his wife Anna at various places within the house and in the garden (which is described as a "fairie mound" by some...not that there is anything wrong with that). Thorne's son-in-law also shot himself in the castle and some say he has been seen as well.

Anyway, we stayed the night in the Blue Room on the second floor. And tomorrow I'm going to chronicle our haunted night in.....DUM-DAH-DUM.....

Thornewood Castle.

You'll change the way you look at bed-and-breakfast's (and very likely your underwear) after you hear my strange tales.

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