Sunday, March 26, 2006

Want to see something really scary?

Did you ever have a frightening dream that was so elaborate, bizarre and scripted tighter than a Hollywood horror flick and then wake up and ask yourself, "Where the hell did that come from?"
Obviously, I have. And I will be the first one to admit that I watch too much television and Netflicks. But it is not like my dreams seem to incorporate any of the fiction I watch on television (though I did have one particularly bizarre dream about Dog the Bounty Hunter that I don't want to talk about).

I have never really been frightened of traditional, Hollywood monsters. I respect Boris Karloff and Bela Lagose (Frankenstein's monster and Dracula) but I have seen scarier people on the bus on a daily basis.

What really frightens me are the things you can't see. The creatures in the dark that jump out at you. It was those things in a dark closet or under the bed that terrified me the most as a kid. So to me, the most frightening dreams I have are of hiding, knowing something is looking for me and I never know when it is going to jump out at me.

So where does this fear come from? Now I went through enough therapy to know that the Freudians amongst us would claim there is very likely something in my subconscious that is the real boogeyman waiting to jump out and yell, "Boo." And I've watched enough of Penn and Teller's Bullshit (their program name, not my opinion of them) to acknowledge that it could just be a chemical reaction in my brain to the Brussel sprouts I had for dinner.

If the truth were told, I'm more apt to believe that my nightmares come not from being frightened by a stuffed bunny as a child or from undigested vegetables. And I don't think they are spawned by the late night creature feature either. I think the real culpret is....

....the evening news.


Naughti Biscotti said...

"Frankenstein never scared me... marsupials do... cos their fast." Sorry, I just love that bit.

I rarely have scary dreams any more. I notice that I have them when I've been stressed about something. Mine usually involve something happening to my kids. I can't find them, or someone has abducted them and I know they're out there alone in the dark, crying.

I was actually going to blog about my dream last night. I haven't had one of these in years, but it was the one where I am able to fly. I even woke up at one point and was able to fall back asleep and pick up where I left off.

Love the photo btw.

Alex Pendragon said...

The only things that scare me are republicans.....and baptists.....oh, and catholics......and muslims....and.....and.....oh hell, let's just say humanity. Oh, and brussels sprouts, brocolli, and oysters.

By the way......did I just have a bad dream or did Buffalo just announce his ride on the iron horse?
Verify this so I can flee the country; I all I have in the house is vodka and if he gets here before payday, I'm in BIG trouble!

Time said...

Was that Christopher Walken or someone impersonating him? Great quote, though.

I love flying in dreams. Most of the times I can just bounce real high and sustain it for a long time. Sigh.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

The evening news has the scariest stories of them all! For some reason, especially those stories originating in Pierce County...

Time said...

Kristy, Yes, Pierce County has its share of oddities (including Puyallup). But this weekend Capitol Hill wins the prize.

Cherish, No news is good news. And generally couples start scaring each other after being together for years. Sounds like you are on the right track. :)