Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bidding cheese a fair fondue...

I'm afraid the whole cheese thing is coming to a head (and not just mine). I think it is starting to grate on people's nerves. But before the cheese slips off my cracker for the last time I just had to point out something really weird I recalled -- I've actually been to a cheese factory.

Okay, I know it is startling, but about three years ago, Tess and I took a trip to the Oregon Coast and stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory in, oddly enough, Tillamook, Oregon. If you aren't from the Pacific Northwest then you probably have never heard of Tillamook cheese, but let me just tell you it is pretty darned good. And if the truth were to be told, this is the second time Tess and I have stopped at the factory because, although we've never seen anyone at the factory actually make cheese, they do give out pretty good samples. Plus you can get really fresh cheese curds in their gift shop.

Anyway, I was sifting through some photos from that trip and I ran across a couple of photos I took outside the factory. And low and behold I saw this really odd anomaly in the first photo:

Yes, that is the outline of a dairy cow distinctly etched out of beauty bark next to the cheese factory. I mean, I think this is like one of those weird crop circle type things which would lead me to believe that maybe something else is going on in that factory. It could be one of those beacons to signal extra terrestrials or something.

Now look at the second photo of a replica ship that is next to the factory:

Ignore the blocks of Tillamook cheese standing and pointing at the ship. That is just me (I really like their smoked cheddar). But look at the name of the ship. Yes, "Morning Star." And "morningstar" occasionally comments on my blog (rarely on topic, but she comments nonetheless). Isn't that weird?

You just never know where cheese will take you.
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