Saturday, April 08, 2006

Flipping my id...

Definitions of ID:

Idaho: a state in the Rocky Mountains

one of the three components of the human psyche defined by Sigmund Freud. The id resides in the unconscious and is driven by the pleasure principle. It is the most primitive, passionate, and irrational psychic force. (Compare ego and superego.)

Ironically, I grew up in Idaho. So I had to laugh when I read the first definition I found listed for id. Calling myself Tim ID was originally a play on the second definition because I think that is where creativity comes from. It seemed appropriate for my blog ID (identification). Though I wouldn't really characterize myself as timid.

So much for word play.

My biorhythm shows me down both intellectually and emotionally. On Tuesday, both will be intersecting the critical line on the way up, so theoretically I should be a basketcase on that day (don't expect much in the way of brilliant blogging). Thursday is a full moon and we all know what that means. Next week appears bleak.

Not that I take much stock in biorhythms. Well, alright, I kind of do. I'm a double Pisces and we can't really help believing in a lot of that new age crap. It's this duality of two fish with their tails tied together swimming in endless circles. Don't think that symbolism escapes me, especially since I'm not much of a swimmer.

I am in kind of a funk. Maybe it was all that talk about mummies and hooking out brains through noses. Or maybe it is the impending critical path of my biorhythm and the promise of a full moon. Or maybe it is just my inherent nature to lapse into morbidity now and then (perhaps I was Edgar Allan Poe in a former life).

Speaking of former lives, I just came up with a theory as to why so many people can claim to have been Napoleon at one time -- the "many-worlds" interpretation of Quantum Physics. I will quote from a post I made in June of last year called Jukebox of the Gods:

Okay, the premise of the "many-worlds" interpretation of Quantum Physics is that "the universal state is a quantum superposition of an infinite number of states of identical non-communicating 'parallel universes.'" In other words, there are an infinite number of parallel universes or "multiverses" that make up "the" universe. None of them overlap, but collectively they contain an infinite number of potentiality. So, that means that in each parallel universe there exists a parallel one of everything, including me. When I turn right in this universe, there is another one of me turning left, one going straight, one stopping, one walking backwards and one hopping around on one leg (and likely one doing the Macarena). Get the point?

If there are infinite number of worlds, then there are an infinite number of Napoleons that people could have been in their past lives.

I feel better now. I think I'll go light another candle.

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