Saturday, April 29, 2006

My father, myself...

Today is my father's birthday. He was born April 29, 1915. If he was alive, he would be 91. He died 14 years ago, the same year my niece was born. It's how my brother remembers the year my father died. I usually just remember the feelings, not the year.

I think I look like my father. Sometimes I look into the mirror and see his face, especially now that I am middle aged and have gray hair. But I also think I looked like him when I was younger as well.

I look like my father, but I don't think I am like my father. It's hard to say. He was a Taurus and very stubborn. I am a Pisces like my mother and I think I am more flexibly stubborn than he was. I have blue eyes and he had brown eyes.

My father did not go to college. He finished high school and ended up joining the Navy as World War II was winding down. I went to college and avoided the military like the plague.

My father didn't marry until he was 35. I didn't marry until I was 47. I now hold that record.

My father dreamt of finding lost treasures. He read True Treasure magazine and he owned a metal detector. He kept hundreds of notebooks full of notes about lost treasures and ghost towns (which my mother tossed after he died). He never really ventured out much to find the treasures. If he had actually discovered a treasure, I think it would have ruined his dreams.

I just dream.

I guess I am like my father.

Happy birthday, dad.

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