Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Your inner cheese

I typed "I love cheese" into Google and ended up at www.ilovecheese.com. That had a cheese profiler to determine your cheese personality.

I Love Cheese!, Cheese Lovers, Cheese Profiler

No matter how I answered, this was my profile:
"The Family (Wo)Man
You are very family oriented and spend most of your time caring for loved ones. Whether it’s volleyball practice, playgroup or a family picnic, it seems you and your family are always on the go. Your favorite meals are quick, satisfying to the whole family and often include casseroles, lasagnas and pre-prepared dishes. When it comes to cheese, you tend to favor processed varieties, such as American cheese, that are easily incorporated into family fare.

If breakfast needs to be portable, stuff a warm tortilla with a thin omelet made with Colby cheese. When afternoon hunger pangs strike, American or Cheddar cheese slices sandwiched between apple wedges make a great midday snack. And when it’s your turn to be soccer mom or dad, bring the team bite-sized snacks-on-a-stick prepared by alternating pieces of fruit, such as grapes and pineapple chunks, with cubes of Cheddar, Swiss or Havarti."
I think something is terribly wrong. I said I preferred rock climbing in the Himilayas over Disneyland as the perfect vacation. I said I where creative, yet cutting edge clothing and live in a trendy neighborhood. How could I be a family (wo) man?

They also have something called the "snackulator" to determine your perfect cheese snack. Apparently I'm a cheddar and Keebler crackers kind of guy.

Oh well. I don't think the dairy path was for me after all. It made me me kind of phlegmy. Maybe it would have been different if I could have put my face on a round of Gouda or perhaps a nice Edam. I really think it is too early in the season for Stilton. I just don't know. All of this is just a bit too cheezy for me. It doesn't make a shred of sense no matter how I slice it.

I'm disillusioned with cheese anyway. I think it has alienated me from my blogger friends. No one seems to care about the endless types of cheese there seem to be. I guess the cheese really does stand alone.

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