Monday, April 17, 2006

Banner day

It's a banner day at Dizgraceland. I've decided that this week's theme will be: NO IMAGES OF TIM PHOTOSHOPPED ON ANYTHING WEEK. I'm sure this will disappoint people like THE Michael.

That doesn't mean I won't be including images with my blog entries. I'm just giving my poor old face (and your eyes) a rest. It's not that I love my face so much that I feel compelled to put it on everything. It just happens to be the one image I own and won't run into legal or emotional conflicts if I use it randomly.

Besides, it's time I got back to writing more and stopped relying on cheap graphic tricks to get attention.

I suppose I was getting a bit carried away with graphics and ignoring my roots as a highly trained writer. I wasn't always a burned out blogger with a Photoshop fetish, you know. There was a time that I had a dream of writing the great American novel. I was going to change the world.

But hey, life happens. I'm not bitter about it. Oh, maybe I can get a bit sensitive about the fact that I never even get my blog listed on's blogs of note pages. And it can get discouraging to discover that someone's blog about cheese gets more hits than mine. I'm good with that. I don't need attention to feel validated.

Sorry about the banners. I'm not sure where they came from, but they seem a bit hostile. Regardless, I promise you a fun filled week without my face (other than on the title banner of Dizgraceland)


Naughti Biscotti said...

Hey! Just when I finally get the hang of layers, you do this?

"cheap graphic tricks"... it took me over a year to learn these cheap tricks.

"It just happens to be the one image I own and won't run into legal or emotional conflicts"... are you pissed that I stole your image?

I won't do it again. I promise. I had to give you all the credit for my newly aquired skills.

Time said...

Don't worry Shandi, It had nothing to do with your discovery of fire :) The "cheap graphic tricks" was actually referring to the banners in the post.

Tess looked over my shoulder the other day and commented that people are probably thinking I really love my face. Thus the comment about why I actually use my own image. I'd probably piss off friends and family if I used theirs. The cats don't seem to mind though.

And I was flattered you used my image. You can use it anytime.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have anything enlightened to say, but you know how I can't resist pontificating! Thanks! I think you got it right this time!

Time said...

Kristy, You may say you are pontificating, but I still hear muttering.

And Lights, always on the cutting edge (or the cutting board). Try for starters.

Alex Pendragon said...

Believe me, Tim, I will not miss your face plastered all over every object that could possibly host a face. The banners.....yea.....funny. Anyway, I want you to know that the cheap, gaudy flash you have been depending on all this time has in no way detracted from the obvious fact that you are indeed a VERY good writer, even better than.....yep......ME! Being a husband myself, I knew Tess was going to hit you with that cheap shot sooner or later. Women. Bob placed them here simply to keep our egos in check. And maybe that's a good thing. So, get to work on the next post while I go check out this cheese thing......I'll do anything for that elusive pulitzer...well, almost anything.

morningstar said...

i have absolutely nothing to say that would be on topic..........

so i am not going to say anything..


Time said...

Come on now THE Michael. You know you really come here to see where my face will turn up next. As Mickey pointed out, looking at my face show up on odd things such as a Quesidilla gets to be like watching a train wreck. You can't turn away.

And thank you Cherish. My face has been making women laugh for years. :) Once my No Photos of Tim week is up my face will likely turn up again.

Morningstar, You have special dispensation to be off topic anytime you want.