Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Eggstra

Obviously, it is Easter Sunday. Not being what anyone would call a religous person, I don't really celebrate it in the Biblical sense. I do realize that it exists to commemorate Jesus' resurrection. Though I think many people get confused and think it is the celebration of his crucifixion (which isn't much call for celebration despite what Mel Gibson would lead you to believe).

Regardless, Easter has pretty much always meant dyeing eggs and eating chocolate bunnies to me. And unlike many people I do understand the significance of eggs and rabbits being associated with Easter.

Brief primer: The name Easter is derived from the Saxon Eostre, a goddess of spring who also measured time. The bunny has always been a symbol of life and renewal. The egg is a symbol of fertility. The Easter bunny bringing eggs was dreamt up by a marketing person to sell candy (I'm not making this up).

All of these things got caught up with relgion because the Church followed in the footsteps of conquering Romans and absorbed the sacred rights and traditions of the lands they "conquered." So Easter was originally just a celebration of spring.

Don't get me wrong. I like Easter. It is the one time of the year I actually make hard boiled eggs. To this day, the smell of vinegar always reminds me of dyeing eggs. And I rarely let an Easter go by without dyeing eggs. This year was no exception. I bought the PAAS egg decorating kit that basically consists of 9 food coloring tablets, a colorless crayon and stickers that come in a box big enough for a Monopoly game. The box promises all sorts of fun activities that turn out to basically be opening the box and dropping the tablets in glasses (I think egg dyeing kits are brought to you by the same people who sell Sea Monkeys).

Anyway we dyed eggs and only had one bad one.

I don't really know why we dye the eggs. We don't have Easter egg hunts like we had as kids. I remember the dog was usually the best one at finding them. He seemed to keep finding them for months, too. I imagine ours will end up in an egg salad sandwich.

I do think Easter is getting too much like Valentines Day. You have to buy cards and then candy and presents. I was at the store yesterday fighting with old ladies at the Fred Meyer for last minute Easter stuff. It's amazing how aggressive a 70-year old with a shopping cart can get when you are standing between her and the last package of Peeps.

I really suprised Tess this year, though. I found this really cute stuffed bunny.

And an even cuter chocolate bunny.

Happy Easter everyone!


Naughti Biscotti said...

Great eggs there Tim. Wasn't it great that Jesus decided to come back from the dead on Easter so that all the Christians could join in the Pagan festivities?

I loved Easter as a child, but as an adult... it falls rather flat. For a single, atheist mother with no extended family to speak of, Easter seems pointless. My children usually join their church-attending fathers for this holiday. I would hate for them to miss out on egg hunts and easter bunny visits.

Me? I think I'll hard boil some eggs and stick em on my toes.

Time said...

Thanks Cherish, But don't egg me on :)

Jesus was considerate that way. Ask Mickey. Okay, let's not start with the food on the feet thing. I just got the olive gunk out from between my toes.

Hayden said...

ahh, easter! A time to celebrate tradition and friendship by throwing another bunny on the barby...

Anonymous said...

You'll do anything to get people to eat you.

Happy Easter to you and to all of your fine readers who just can't seem to look away.

Time said...

Hayden, I'm beginning to see why your catering business may have tapered off.

Mickey, I never really thought of it that way. Perhaps it is just some of the residule guilt about my ominivore tendencies. And I am a bit of a train wreck, aren't I? Everybody has to have their niche. :)

Alex Pendragon said...

Canadian Easter......isn't that where they take all those excess baby bunnies, turn them loose in an enclosed field, give them a few minutes to hide, then hand all the kids clubs to go and......wait....I get all confused anymore about these holidays......I got the bunnies confused with fur seal pups.....stupid me........

Time said...

THE Michael, I wouldn't feel complete until I had your seal of approval.

Time said...

But think of the wonderful plot twist of a killer chocolate bunny that leaps out of the basket and eats you. I see mini-series and Happy Meal toy rights.