Saturday, April 01, 2006

When Lemurs go bad

I was watching some trash programming last night that kept hyping an incident on some morning show in Dallas where a lemur went berzerk and "menaced" the hostess. When the clip finally came on all it turned out to be was this poor frightened animal clinging to his handler and baring his teeth at the newscaster.

Just keep in mind the next time you are taunting a lemur with a microphone that, they may just eat plants, but they are still wild animals and don't always make the right choices when they lose their temper. Put yourself in the lemur's place and tone down the sensationalist reporting.

As animal week winds down here at Dizgraceland, I thought it only fitting to commemorate that important bit of news. It did epitomize for my why I think electronic journalism ISN'T(journalism that is). I can see some religious group in Texas starting an anti-Lemur movement. The poor creatures' numbers are dwindling as it is. Can't we just get along with them?


I just had to get that off my chest. Happy April Fool's Day everyone. Keep it safe and watch out for whoopee cushions. They have been known to explode.
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