Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A different point of view

"It's not easy being green."
-- Kermit the Frog
I will be the first one to admit that I have an unorthodox way of looking at the world. And it may appear to others as a bit self-absorbed as well (or egotistical...or vain). But I am practical about my point of view. It is mine. If I had your point of view, it wouldn't be my point of view.

This is not to say we can't have similar points of view. Though I'm willing to bet the majority of you believe your point of view, even if it is similar to mine, is better. That is human nature.

Although I have a journalism degree, I am not big on current affairs. Perhaps it is because I have a journalism degree that I'm not big on current affairs. After you have seen sausage being made, you aren't likely to run out and order a Kielbasa.

There is a lot of hype about bloggers being the real journalists of our generation. I have to politely say that that is a major load of BULL SHIT (thanks Penn and Teller). If you surf the Web and gather a bunch of "facts" about a subject and then regurgitate it upon your Blog, that is not journalism. That is simply regurgitation or to put it bluntly, "puke."

In theory, journalists present a balanced view of what they are reporting. Purists would not allow their personal opinion to slant what they are reporting. That is also BULL SHIT. It is not possible to avoid a bias when you report something.

So what does this teach us? Look at everything that is reported with a healthy dose of skepticism and compare it to other data you have. Then spout your own opinion, not someone elses. Present it as such.

That being said, the only people who will believe what you have written are other people who share your point of view. It is a rare person who can actually change someone's mind.

This is why I rarely write about current affairs. But in all fairness, what you read here is reality the way I perceive it.

And if that doesn't keep you away, nothing will.


Time said...

Thanks. The comment was there but being a bit shy. I didn't mind transcribing the story. I needed to work on my typing anyway.

morningstar said...

Besides journalism.. did you also take a graphic artists degree?? web design of some sort... the pictures you doctor up fascinate me ....

oh yeah.. and i LOVE Dr Seuss....


Time said...

Doctored photos? What doctored photos? Alas, I never took any design classes and my graphic artist friends would impale themselves on their X-acto knives in protest if anyone thought of me as an artist. But I am glad you enjoy my enhanced reality images.

Naughti Biscotti said...

I also do not discuss curent affairs and will also rarely read about them. It may be because I work for the government. Politics general effects our jobs to some degree... what with tax cuts effecting our staffing and payrole. Our particuliar department is always under attack from one politician or another. Not to mention the fact that, we MUST remain politically correct 100% of the time.

My blog is an escape from all of that.

Maybe we're like minded then... cos I keep coming back for more of your blog.

Time said...

Amen, Shandi. I get sick of reading about my agency as well. But we both know how inherently evil social workers and public transit professionals are and we need to be exposed.

And I'd hazard a guess that we are indeed likeminded. Though what could keep you coming back to Dizgraceland is the same force that keeps people from averting their eyes at a train wreck. :)

Anonymous said...

With eyes affixed to your every word
I take in a breath, holding fast to it
and await the final derailment…
…I expect it should be one awesome crash!

Oh, my popcorn is ready.

Time said...

Mickey, that is one damned fine poem. One damend fine poem.

Extra butter on that popcorn, please. I think the crash is imminent

darlingina said...

i always enjoy your view on life Tim. That's why i continue to visit you here. You're an awesome writer with a world of funny, unique and charming talent under that there Elvis belt. ;o) Keep on keepin on Tim!

Time said...

Awww...thank you Gina.