Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy belated birthday, Elvis!

One of the things I hate about getting old is forgetting things. Yesterday was Elvis' birthday and I forgot the whole thing.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. He's dead, so he probably didn't notice.

Not the point. Here I've taken on half of the man's name (without being married) and I can't even acknowledge his birthday.

On the bright side, this may help deflate the impression that I am a rabid Elvis fan. In fact, my first blog entry back in August 2004 was entitled: I am not a rabid Elvis fan. Go ahead and read it, I'll wait......

Done?. Now you are probably thinking, "Methinks the man doth protest too much." But it's true. Okay, I know I have boxes of Elvis memorabilia in my garage squeezing out our ability to park larger vehicles in there. Let's just consider those misguided investments similar to my purchase of InfoSpace stock.

And I know I have a pretty extensive library of books about Elvis including the biography of his Uncle Vester Presley and Vester's autograph on a 45 rpm recording of Graceland by Paul Simon. This proves nothing (other than OCD when it comes to eBay purchases).

I don't look like Elvis. I don't sing like Elvis. I don't do massive amounts of drugs like Elvis and I don't particularily relate to Elvis. But, I think I understand him

I also shamelessly hung my coat tails on his star when trying to define a niche for me on my own little corner of the Web. Yes I admit taking advantage of Elvis' fame. Of course, I have to get in line with everyone else who pitched their tent in his entourage.

Sad thing is, associating myself with the King of Rock and Roll hasn't really worked. To many, it brands me as a whackjob. To Elvis fans, I am evil for messing with the memory of the King. So chock it all up to the same misguided choices that convinced me it was a good idea to buy seven velvet Elvis paintings.

I'm not bitter, however. Inside, I know the truth. Tim-Elvis is his own, individual self. And dog gone, I'm smart enough, and creative enough to make it on my own without relying on the massive number of searches done for Elvis on a daily basis via Google.

But it would be too much of a hassle to eliminate the Elvis from Tim-Elvis as this point.

And to answer the question I've been asked most: No, I have never been to Graceland.

TCB and happy birthday Elvis.


Anonymous said...

Kind Friend,
Much like most celebrate the birth of Christ on the arrival date of some Roman God, it matters not on what day you choose to remember the King. Take comfort in knowing that you would be branded a whackjob even if his name had not been carefully placed next to yours. To be honest, that's why I think I dig your stuff so much.

morningstar said...

SEVEN???!!! velvet paintings of Elvis?????? please tell me they are not hanging in the living room???


Alex Pendragon said...

Imagine my comic delight at discovering you could actually miss his birthday, if only by one day! SWEET! Anyway, I'm kinda surprised to find you vigorously defending your choice of blog-name, considering how irreverant you are concerning the whole Elvis shtick. I never considered you a whack job, even from day one, because the so-damn-normality of your persona bleeds thru so well. You are no more walking outside the envelope of coat-tail riding than I am with 'THE" Michael monicor. However, the seven velvet Elvis paintings......Dude....we need to talk.

Time said...

Mickey, You are wise beyond your years. I am relieved to know that I am perceived as a unique whack job despite my affiliation with the King. I take that as a true compliment!

morningstar, Actually the velvet paintings are stacked in my closet where Tess can't find them to chuck off to Value Village.

etu michael? We'll see who is laughing when I sell said Velvet Paintings on eBay for major semolians. Now if you are interested I could let you have pick of the litter before they hit the auction block.

Time said...

Sorry about the word verification Cherish, It has all but eliminated spam comments, however.

And thank you for the nice comments (though I like to think I still have the younger Elvis' moves...just not as fast).

Oh, I eventually will part with the Elvis memorabilia, one way or the other. Tess helps me with decisions like that. Today's treasure is tomorrow's trash...or something like that.

I'll leave you with the words of one of my favorite t-shirts, "The King never dies (except that once).":)

morningstar said...

i am still laughing over the seven velvet paintings hiding in the closet from Tess... gotta love wives !!!

someone send up some smoke signals to Tess - tell her about the hidden treasures in the closet.. LOL


darlingina said...

Happy Belated Birthday Elvis! :o)

i've been feeling kinda depressed... but i'm feeling much better now having been reminded by you that my own Birthday is only a few days in tow of the "Kings". And i must say that i'm honored to say that i know Tim-Elvis! Thanks for your great posts.

And yeah, sell a few of those paintings off and you could add onto that crowded garage. ;o)

Time said...

Well, Gina, when is or was your birthday? We should have blogger celebration for you! Perhaps you'd like a Velvet Elvis painting :)

Time said...

Indeed I do have a t-shirt that says that. It's from Dick's Last Resort Restaurant/Bar in San Diego. And my moves are much better than Elvis, now. Of course he's dead. :)