Friday, January 27, 2006

A miracle!

As a preventitive measure to keep me from chewing my toenails, the other night I placed Greek olives on my toes and snapped this photo (mainly because I can). And if I'm lying, I'm dying, but when I downloaded the photos, I could see a face on each of the olives. I'd say this is one for the record books (or at least the National Enquirer).

Strange, yet true?!!!


KHB said...

Okay, I could say something about the olives on the toes, but instead I am focusing on my goal. I was going through blogger sites that had keyword hits to "Boise" and found your entry about being a BHS drum major.

My husband was also a BHS drum major (Indian suit and all) and I was wondering when you filled those mocassins. Moccasins? That's one of those words that one doesn't write often. My husband was the DM in 1995-6, I think.

If you feel so inclined, stop by (the Thinking Out Loud blog belongs to both of us retired band geeks) and say hello. If only for the sake of... I dunno... whatever the hell that would be the sake of.

Happy Friday.

Time said...

I won't even try to explain the olives on the toes entry, but I'm glad you found my band geek entry. I was the junior drum major in 1975 and senior drum major in 1976 (I still have the moccasins, too, and the holes I wore in them).

I'm actually amazed they still had the Brace suit in 1995 (I hope it was a new's hard to clean leather).

Go Big Red!

morningstar said...

You chew your toe nails??? TOE NAILS???? now how icky is that..
T O E N A I L S?????


Time said...

Okay, let's step back from the toenails a moment and reflect on how this all started.

1)Last Thursday I was in a positive mode and tried to come up with positive things to say:

Toenail chewing came up.

2)Around that time Shandi posted an entry on her blog in which she placed olives on each of her toes.

3) Yesterday I had a post about my family tree and innocently mentioned having scanners and digital cameras at my fingertips.

4) It was suggested that I place olives on my toes and then put my face on each of the olives.

5) I was looking for a logical reason to place olives on my toes and preventing toenail chewing seemed as good a reason as any.

6) My feet are generally quite clean.

7) All of this is a moot point since I am simply engaging in a literary exercise that includes gross exaggeration and an overactive imagination.

Don't be hating...:)

Naughti Biscotti said...

OH GOD!!!! TIM.... haaaaa haaaaaa .... damn... that is sooooooo frick'n funny. Thank you so much for taking my challenge. I am in awe of you.

Sorry you're catching flack for it... but those that know what is going on will be laughing their asses off.

Gotto go and find Lights now. He has to know what you've been up too.

Still laughing. HAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like you dude but not that much.

I feel a fast coming on.

I am still laughing my ass off by the way.

Anonymous said...

Dance monkey, dance.

Time said...

Oh now you show up Shandi. After all of these people stop by and think I'm some kind of freak with olives on my toes :) It was kind of fun, though.

And lights, no, I don't take requests. As leather squirrel has reminded me, "I'm not your monkey."

Mickey, my man, don't think less of me. This was all done in the privacy of my own home.

Naughti Biscotti said...

I respect and admire you to the point of reverent worship. All hail to the KING.

Hey Mickey, still waiting for that watermelon visit. I've got the olives. Don't let the sight of Tim's feet ruin your appetite. And tell your sister where to go.

Time said...

I'm a man, not an animal!

darlingina said...

roflmao!!!!! You never cease to amaze me Tim. LOL, i love it. Thanks for the laugh. YOU are the Man!

Alex Pendragon said...

Once again, due to circumstances beyond my control, I come in on the ass-end of a series of Tim's posts. You know, guys, this running with other blogger's ideas is getting out of hand! But, damn, I love how you improve upon something already funny!

Time said...

Thanks Gina. I'm glad I can still amaze people with the old olive on the toe trick.

And Michael, you don't know how hard it is to run with other people's ideas with olives on your toes.