Friday, January 06, 2006

Passing the torch

I'm tired of toying with spammers. I used to respond to the Nigerian lawyers telling me one of my countrymen had died and left an unclaimed fortune or to the Dubai merchants dying of cancer looking for someone to give away their remaining millions charity. I developed a few lively e-mail chains until the idiots figured out I was yanking their chains. It was fun for awhile, but time consuming.

So, I suggested to my good friend Gunter that he take up the torch. His English is just about as bad as theirs. So Gunter has begun corresponding with the spammers. The sad thing is, he actually believes they are going to give him cash or a job selling oil. Gunter is a few leder's short of a hosen, if you catch my drift (or a few yodels short of a ley-hee-who).

Anyway, if you enjoy spammers being frustrated, check out Gunter's blog at
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