Sunday, January 08, 2006

Still not dead: the countdown continues

I suppose it isn't the most positive reinforcement in the world to suggest counting off the days I'm not dead as opposed to the days I'm still alive. Or is there any difference. Guess it's one of those glass is half full versus half empty things.

Regardless, I'm sure most of you (and I use the royal you, here) have been on pins and needles wondering if my truck fit into the garage. Well, I have a one word answer: barely. The geniuses who built this house assumed that that most people would be driving Cooper Mini's or golf carts. It's not as if I drive a monster truck. It's a Nissan Frontier. As it is, I have just about about 8 inches clearance in front of the truck once it's in the garage. Good thing I'm on a diet.

Let's see, what else happened today. Oh, I bought some new games for my Gameboy. These are classic games like Centipede, Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Battlezone. These are games I can understand. It's not like my Playstation 2. Most of those games require dexterity and the ability to look for hidden things. I personally have no patience for any game that is more complicated than simply shooting everything that moves.

Not that I condone violence, just violent video games.

But seriously, I'm not used to these two day weekends. Good thing next weekend is Martin Luther King's birthday and we get another three day one.

In the meantime, life goes blog entry at a time.

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